Mid Week Pinspiration #1


Hey everyone,

I've been starting to use (and love!) Pinterest a lot lately, and I deleted a lot of my old boards so I could start a fresh. Pinterest is perfect for gaining inspiration- hence the title of this new little segment here on my blog. Each 'pinspiration' post(that's Pinterest inspiration, fyi) shall have a different theme or colour scheme. This week, I've been loving floral, exotic editorials and bold prints. Think Dolce & Gabbana meets Club Tropicana.

Images all from Pinterest. You can follow me here!

-Rachel x


  1. hehe. this has made me CERTAIN youre gonna love your bday present... no more hints x

  2. Gorgeous post Rachel.. The 2nd Image is soo nice.. <3

  3. Pinterest is like tumblr for me, in the sense that I go through periods of using it (the months before the Junior Cert last year noticed a definite increase in hours scrolling through both of those sites). It's great to see people getting inspiration from places like this, it kind of urges me to use them a bit more! Love the colour pattern going on here too!


  4. Pinterest was suggested to me through a Twitter Chat a week back, and I have been hooked since I created my account (especially with homeware!) x



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