Winter Hair Makeover With TONI&GUY Malahide


You may remember at the start of Summer I changed my hair up with TONI&GUY Clarendon Street* (if not, you can read my post here!). Well, this time I headed back to TONI&GUY but to their Malahide salon, for an Autumn/Winter shake up! I've had long hair for a good few years now but over the last few months, I'd been thinking of going a lot shorter. The ends of my hair were extremely dead and quite fine, so I knew going for the chop was the best decision to make! My colour had also faded a good bit from the sun and sea abroad. To sum up- my hair desperately needed help!

I headed out to Malahide for a cut and colour, and as usual, I'm absolutely in love with the result. The staff were extremely nice and really listened to what I was saying. First, Mary talked me through my colour- we decided to keep the lightness at the end of my hair but with a copper toner to warm it up for Autumn. I also went darker on top to add a bit of richness, as it was looking a bit dull. Next, Ciara went in with the scissors and I got over 3 inches cut off the ends, with some layers added in too!

I really can't recommend and thank the TONI&GUY Malahide* salon enough- in fact, it seems the entire TONI&GUY chain are just amazing! Each time I've gone, I've been treated so well and come out with healthy, happy hair. Shorter hair will also be so much easier to manage on early starts for college- I'm all about that low-maintenance look!

What do you think of my new look?

-Rachel x

*Hair treatment received in exchange for a blog review. All opinions are my own, read my disclaimer here.


  1. Your hair looks fab, planning to give mine the chop now that Summer is over too :) nice to freshen it up :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ashleigh, it's definitely hard to choose. I was originally planning in going dark all over but figured I might as well keep the two-tone look while I have it!

  3. Your hair is gorgeous, love the fringe!

    1. Thanks Andreea, I just got it feathered out and trimmed!

  4. rachel your hair looks gorgeous as always! it suits you so well <3333 also your pictures look fabulous

    isha @ two sisters bloggin'

  5. I love your new hair, and it looks super healthy. The colour is fab too and perfect for the Autumn change. Now I just need to go get mine done...thanks for the hair inspiration :) x

  6. Your hair looks gorgeous I love how it compliments your big blue eyes.

  7. Your hair looks absolutely amazing, love the colour!


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